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tv   CBS 4 News  CBS  January 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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(groaning) bishop! bishop: upstairs! tony: you all right? hudson needs an ambulance. i found the wife. don't move. ducky: her body was preserved in formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, phenol-- basically, embalming fluids. stuffed into a vacuum-sealed storage bag. that's why there was no odor. and very little decay. and a cause of death, duck? yeah, a fractured neck. sharp left-to-right twist. same as major newton. who do i notify about her remains? she had no family except the husband that killed her.
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do we know who the imposter really is? rita applegate. she was a waitress at a bar not far from lejeune. that's where they met. discovered they had a lot in common. she and captain hudson shared similar, um, desires that his wife didn't. she wants to cut a deal and is willing to testify. says that hudson killed his wife and transferred the body, all along with their personal possessions. after hudson retired, they were gonna dispose of the body, move to the caribbean and live off of lauren's money. greed-- the root of much evil. morning, my lord. hey, ducky. those are awfully nice-looking flowers. i take it that you and jake made up. those aren't from jake. they're from mcgee. tony: aw. well, that's kind of sweet. so, you-you guys are good again? bishop: yeah. actually, mcgee saved me. i canceled my trip, got my deposit back, and, uh, it was a good thing.
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a summit somewhere in asia. somewhere? asia's big. yep. need-to-know. couldn't tell me where. we'll take our little trip another time. yeah. so i got this, uh, leave request of yours. you still going to england? no, i think i'll take that trip another time. uh, thank you. um, you know, that heritage stuff isn't all it's cracked up to be. what happened? well... my cousin, crispian, called back. he knows all about archibald drummond. (chuckles) it turns out archie... was quite a character. he was a... he was a scoundrel, and a-a thief, a con man. died in newgate prison.
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he may have been... jack the ripper. captioning sponsored by cbs and toyota captioned by media access group at wgbh real cheese, yes please. introducing new melty mozzarella sticks at mcdonald' s. made with 100% real cheese. served hot. dip ' em in zesty marinara deliciousness. now on mcdonald' s mcpick 2 for
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now at 11 a plane made an emergency landing on u.s. 27 is back in business. turning the highway into a run way. three people were onboard. >> we will speak to the man who saw it all. we are in west brower with our top story.
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on a single engine plane pulled over on the side of the highway a mechanic finally got the plane running again. the police assisted so the plane could land safety. the friends left to fly to the key west. ho minutes into the flight some thing went wrong with the engine just south of i-95. he said you practice similar is a your no -- scenarios in piolet training but those instincts quickly kick kick in. >>reporter: we spoke with a man
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noticed his plain flying very low. >> the engine and propellers weren't running. i actually saw the plane pullover out of the main road. it looks like it was executed perfectly. >>reporter: he waited patiently with federal aviations and mechanics to look at the problem. >> well, you know, i've seen it on tv and here it's happying in real life for me. it was quite a shock. i thought about it all day. >>reporter: no one knows what exactly went wrong with the plane and engine. the piolet lift his two friends here to return by car. he didn't want
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police are on the scene of a crash. you know that two people were taken to the hospital. the third person was also taken. no word on what caused the wreck. a american airline flight had to be converted to canada because of severe tush turbulence. 3 people were transported to the local hospital for injuries. super bowl l which will air here in two weeks. >> the match up is set. it's the bronco's taking on the panthers. >> yeah, guys super bowl l is
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we'll see one of the brightest young stars cam newton play in his first game. it was the defensive unit they will move onto it super bowl. in carolina the cardinals couldn't help to get it all away. that made eat easy for cam newton to find the end zone. he encountered it if four touchdown securing a date with the bronco's. >> it's such a tremendous honor jim. i love playing for this great organize. >> i'm excited. we are in front of the best
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>> coming up later in sports we'll have more highlights. back to you. >> all right, mike, thank you. cold play is preparing for their half time show. host of others are working and stressing to make sure you get a good show. we'll take you behind the scenes. remember the only place you can watch super bowl l is right here on cbs 4. bitter blast in the northeast causing the bubble roof of the red skin's training facility to deflate. when the weather gets better they will reinflate the roof. the blizzard shutdown major
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a plane was diverted to miami last night instead of washington dc. the vice president was trying to return home from turkey. we work up to our coldest morning of the entire winter season and it's still chilly outside right now. >> craig has our forecast now. >>reporter: it will be chilly again. the low to mid 40s. temperatures are in the upper 40s to low 50s. we are headed colder tonight. we'll see temperatures right around 40 degrees. mid 40s along the beaches. miami dade colder then what we saw this morning. upper 30s. everyone should stay in the 40s and 50s. 40s and 50s in the keys.
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warm us up into the 70s. we could be near the 80-degree mark by tuesday. now it's time to dig out by all of the people socked by the blizzard. some people got record snowfall amounts. craig reports the nations capital is still shutdown. >>reporter: the sun melted some of the 2 feet of snow that fell in washington dc. as the temperatures drop it's creating dangerous conditions. a convoy of trucks came to help them get the capital moving again. >> we brought in 50 crews. >>reporter: officials ask residents to help with snow removal. >> seniors can't get out here and walk in the snow like this. >>reporter: the federal
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the storm canceled more than 11,000 flights. farther up the coast a full moon tide made a mess in wildwood new jersey. >> we had beautiful snow before it became an ice burg. >> the nor'easter missed setting a record by a tenth of an inch. >> we need people off the street for their own safety and the safety of others. >> he canceled off street pawking for the entire workweek. that's how long it will take for many to get back to normal. now at 11 we are getting a look a a high profile break out. they cut through steel bars and
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through the roof. the escapees was a suspected murderer and a man who was charged with kidnapping. a man wanted for triple murder in poke county is wanted here in the area. he's wanted for the murder of 3 people in lakeland. he may have come back home. it happened january 6th. two others have been captured. if you recognize the man in the photo you are asked to call police. a man survives a wild wreck thanks to the help of good samaritans. >> tonight he's speaking about his terrifying ordeal. donald trump says he has so much support. >> i could stand-in the middle
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supporting me. the miami marathon races through downtown. finish like first. cold play is preparing for a epic super bowl half time mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings. we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold. that's why at xfinity
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like this one that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone ringing] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. new tonight a south florida
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it a miracle. this was one lucky sunday for a tonight. >>reporter: image walking a way from a car crash like this one. >> what are your thoughts in thousand e-mails moment right now? >> i just became a grandfather ago. thank god i'll be around to see my granddaughter. >>reporter: meet mitch. he escaped this with barely a scratch. >> i saw a car coming over in my lane. >>reporter: driving along he was forced to take avasessive action. a red car sped up and nearly hit this one. >> i over corrected. >>reporter: he was upside-down with his seat belt on. good santa good samaritans
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what did they say? >> i don't speak spanish. they spoke spanish. >>reporter: he said having that seat belt on saved his life. >> no, not after you saw the carry didn't believe it. i'm happy to see him standing here. we have been friends a long time. >>reporter: the grandfather is taking in strides when he was a young man and a good samaritan faced with a strangers apartment on fire. >> i had to get the people out. >>reporter: you had quite a life. call me next year and let me know what happened. >>reporter: michelle, cbs 4 news tonight. >> very nice michelle. did you hear what donald trump said at a campaign rally in" * this weekend. >> they said i'm the most lowal people.
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5th avenue and i wouldn't shoot any voters. >> these come on the heels of fighter gun control lows. today he appeared on face the nation were he defended what he said. >> well, i have a great, great, group of people. i have people that are so loyal. it's been so reported even in your poll. in a lot of the polls they do it. my factor is up. it's close to 95%. these are people that just won't leave. they won't leave. i love my people. >> trump still has a 17 point national lead over ted cruz. the editorial board endorsed hillary clinton. voters were cast the first primary ballet.
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polls show the two candidates next and next in iowa. we are two weeks a way from super bowl l which airs here on cbs 4. could play is preparing for a epic half time show. tonight we'll look behind the scenes. [ music ] >>reporter: two weeks until the pepsi super bowl half time show and cold play's plans are beginning to come to life. >> it comes down to 7 and half minutes. you can come up with the greatest idea but it has to come out on the field in 7 and half minutes. >> we have fans rushing the stage as well as a beauty star. >>reporter: every year it faces countless uncontrollable event. >> i never did a half time show were some thing didn't go wrong. >>reporter: on super bowl
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levi stadium is roughly 50%. the weather is adding challenges to the show. >> you can tone the strings way up. >> i believe super bowl l will be more special than people realize. the way the nfl will bring people into the half time show it will be pretty high tech and exciting. >> we have no idea when half time will hit really and at one point the official will say go. 7 and half minutes later you are live around the world. >>reporter: cold play is fine tuning a special performance they hope will go down in history. >> we would like to some how honor the past and celebrate the past and look to the
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>>reporter: lead singer chris martin said he's nervous. they call this the pitical of their career. >> very cool. looking forward to it. thousands took to the streets of miami this morning for the miami marathon. the 46-degree temperature at the start was the coldest in history. people came from italy, kenya, new york. imani hit the finish line. more than 3,000 runners missed the event because of travel issues because of the storm up north. >> what a bummer. such dedication to those people. they train is all kinds of weather. >> for running it's nice when because it's cool out there.
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what's going on out there. temperatures right now 51 in miami. 57 in key west. the air is very dry. the skies are mostly clear. 62% humidity. a light north-northwest wind. no rainfall today. here is the visible satellite loop. a lot of clouds to the north. a lot of cold air. winds are in a easterly direction so we get warmth off the water in the northeast finally cleared out today.
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there is snow up north. high pressure is to the west and a cold northerly flow. tomorrow it will turn to a onshore flow. that will bring warmer temperatures. on tuesday warmer yet. temperatures make it to 80 degrees. a quick turn around. don't get used to the warmth. here comes the rain. this front passes through. we'll cool back off again on friday. nice and cold tonight. winter crisp we'll call it. mix of clouds and chilly to start. temperatures will warmup to the low 70s. east wind 10 knots. temperatures cool down to 75. 72 tomorrow. 80 on tuesday. stormy wednesday and thursday
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a gainesville police officer caught on camera shooting hoops with the kids he was called on.
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your heart.
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the movie the reverent won the top spot at the box office this weekend. the movie brought in $16 million. star wars came in second place earning $14.3 million extending it's domestic box office records to $879 million. the comedy ride along 2 which was filmed here in miami brought in $13 million. shaq went out of his way to kids. >> he saw a viral video of a cop that decided to shoot hoops with kids instead of reprimanding them after a noise complaint. >> you ready for a good game. look at the big boys i brought. are you sure you can take them.
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>> looks like he doesn't fit in that suv. >> that's great. >> he severed as a reserve police officer here in south beach asked the police department to keep the event lo key so he could truly surprise the kids.
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in the super our audi performance of the welcome back. a peyton manning tom brady showdown was everything we wanted and then some. the bronco's out last the patriots. many believe it will be the final time these two would meet and manning showed up. the ageless wonder hit them with a pair of touchdowns. this interceptions sets up another touchdown. through the line. brady had no chance. game. later in the 4th brady gave them 40.
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yard line. pats are down 2. we needed an 2 point conversion. brady gets kicked off. manning has another crest. >> finally scored points at the end. it came down to the 2 point conversion. >> this is a sweet day. this is a sweet victory. now in the nfc this game was a blow out from the jump. first quarter cam newton got an 86-yard touchdown. newton, he wasn't done yet. 2 touchdowns in the air and 2 more in the air.
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ways he could hurt you. the defense also scored points. he jumps in here front of this pass and gets in for a touchdown. they get their changes at a super bowl for the is second time in franchise history. >> i don't want the credit. we won as a team. it's not over yet. finally jones will be dancing his way to hawaii. he was added to the pro bowl roster. roger keeps cruising through the australian open. he finished early. here, a perfect volley. he went to another coroner
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